Meet the Team

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Bella, Founder and Creative Director  

Bella Meyer was born in Paris and grew up immersed in art and painting. After having attained a Ph.D. in Medieval Art History in Paris, she moved to New York where she focused on puppetry as well as creating theater costumes, props and masks. Over the years Bella incorporated flowers into her work, and in 2005 the studio was born. Flowers have always been close to Bella’s heart. Their unique ability to inspire people to smile, or to bring a moment’s peace, is important to her. Bella creates arrangements much in the way an artist paints, just as she had watched her grandfather, Marc Chagall, paint bouquets that brought joy to the world.



Liz, Studio Manager

Liz is fleurBELLA's multi-tasking studio manager. She enjoys weeding the garden near her Brooklyn stoop, gold spray-painted insects and MacGyvering craft projects with her daughters. 



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Sally, Floral Designer

Sally is a floral designer based out of Brooklyn. Specializing in the "small", but open to all types of floral design. Enjoys textile arts, a finely mixed cocktail, and staring into the void (Internet). 



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Leanna, Floral Designer 

Leanna hails from a background in landscape design.  She approaches all of her creations with the soul of a painter. If you want something outside the box, she is your go-to. 


Miho Headshot.jpg

Miho, Floral Designer

Miho is an impeccable designer who truly makes flowers dance. She has a way with stems: clean, contemporary and with the utmost beauty.



Dan, Production Assistant  

Dan is our Renaissance man! Whether it's building props, tearing down large-scale arrangements or lifting really heavy things... in the chaos, he's always the one with the smile.