Our Upstate Team Escape

Every once in a while even Team fleursBELLA needs to take a break from our NYC oasis to replenish our wonderland and ourselves, so we recently arranged a little retreat upstate. It’s such a wonderful experience to be smelling the leaves of the forest, sinking our toes into the pond and foraging for milkweed, grasses, and branches side by side. The dappled sunlight of a forest carpeted with ferns, or just watching, breathing and reconnecting. Bella, our creative director, teacher( the list goes on and on) spent the weekend leading the way in what truly is her natural habitat. Foraging natural elements is our favorite way to enhance fleursBELLA signature one of a kind creations. Creating a bit of our own moss covered oasis right in the the heart of the cities, Greenwich Village.  After the foraging was finished, we spent our evening around the fire pit swapping stories and laughs, sipping on red wine… 

Share in our experience and see our photos below.

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